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The PAPAHEMA Theater was founded in 2014 by four still students of the graduation year of the Puppetry Arts Department at the Theater Academy, which similar taste and sense of humor bring together. Young actors have successfully unite the classics with contemporary sensitivity, for several years, the means of acting theater with the richness of the language of theater form, joke and distance with serious reflection of the surrounding reality. Since May 2014, the Theater has been operating as a Foundation. PAPAHEMA regularly presents its performances at: Ester Rachel and Ida Kamińska Jewish Theater in Warsaw and Adam Mickiewicz Theater in Częstochowa, and cooperates with Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theater in Białystok, The WARSawy Theater, The Gliwice Municipal Theater, The Polonia Theater in Warsaw and The Montownia Theater. The ensemble consists of Paulina Moś, Helena Radzikowska, Paweł Rutkowski and Mateusz Trzmiel. However, the artists willingly cooperate with other artists - directors, set designers, composers and actors. So far, the PAPAHEMA Theater has realized thirtenn spectacles:

• “Molière. From delusion” – premiere on 15th March 2014,
• “Moral insanity. The tragedy of stupid people” – premiere on 30th January 2015,
• “Macbett” – premiere on 28th June 2015,
• “Thumbelina for adults” – premiere on 3rd December 2015,
• “Alice Through the Looking Glass” – premiere on 28th June 2016,
• “The Taming of the Shrew” – premiere on 4th September 2016,
• “Extraordinary flight of the Pirx pilot” – premiere on 25th February 2017,
• “Skłodowska. Radium Girl” – premiere on 25th November 2017,
• “The Jars’ independence” – premiere on 28th September 2018,
• “The Trial. Reconstruction” – premiere on 14th December 2018,
• “PeKiN” – premiere on 28th November 2019,
• “GALLERY OF MODERN heART” – premiere (on-line) on 30th November 2020,
• “Madagaskar” – premiere on 4th November 2021,
• “Peter Pan. In the shadow of adulthood” – premiere on 2nd October 2022;

and performance:

• “War. The family-quake” – premiere on 1st April 2017;

and radio play as well:

• “Messiah. Bruno Schulz” – premiere on 4th December 2022.

Prizes and awards

• BIAŁYSTOK CITY MAYOR’S ARTS AWARD (for current achievement in the field of theatre with particular reference to “The Trial. Reconstruction” performance – 2019),
1st PRIZE for “Skłodowska. Radium Girl” on the 22th National Festival of Comedy TALIA,     
AUDIENCE AWARD for “Skłodowska. Radium Girl” on the 26th Alternative Theater Meetings KLAMRA in Toruń,
AUDIENCE AWARD for “The Taming of the Shrew” (for balancing the right proportions between entertainment and reflection, between traditional convention and a very contemporary interpretation, and finally – between the daring team game and the display of outstanding individual artistic creations) in the ShakespeareOFF Competition at the 21st Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk,
SHAKESPEARE DAILY FESTIVAL AWARD for “The Taming of the Shrew” (for fresh, energetic acting and attempts to disenchant the text, which is credited with being called Shakespeare’s most-chauvinist drama) in the ShakespeareOFF Competition at the 21st Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk,
CERTIFICATE OF THE OPEN MIND (for a fresh breeze on the theatrical stage, refined humor and fun conventions, where the classics and costumes are talking about us “here and now”) in the plebiscite of the Białystok daily of “Gazeta Wyborcza” Przystanek Młodzi 2017,
3rd PRIZE for “Macbett” (for the interpretation of the condition of the modern world through the prism of Eugene Ionesco’s art and the use of various acting techniques and the full of youthful energy of a team creation) in the ShakespeareOFF Competition at the 20th Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk,
WINing in a theatrical competition for young artists Montownia BIS,20th Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk


Festivals and reviews, on which we had the pleasure to present our performances:

  • 7th European Theater Festival “Melodrama” in Jelcz-Laskowice,
  • 9th, 14th and 15th International ANIMO Festival in Kwidzyn,
  • XVII Review of Small Theater Forms SUMMER REVIEW in Łódź,
  • Summer Review of the Teatr Dramatyczny in Warsaw (2015),
  • VII International Festival of Puppetry “Puppet-no-Puppet” in Białystok,
  • International Festival of Puppet Theaters for Adults “Metamorphoses of Puppet” in Białystok (2015),
  • 31th Days of Contemporary Art 2016 in Białystok,
  • East of Culture / Another Dimension in Białystok (2016 / 2020),
  • 13th Cultural Night in Częstochowa,
  • 18th Summer Theater Garden in Katowice,
  • Touch the Theater in Łódź (2017),
  • Touch the Theater BIS in Łódź (2017),
  • XXXVIII and XXXIX Theater Meetings in Krosno,
  • 11th and 12st Theater Garden of Chorzów,
  • 20th and 21st Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk,
  • 26th Alternative Theater Meetings KLAMRA in Toruń,
  • Shakespeare Festival in Globe Neuss (2018 / 2019),
  • 22th National Festival of Comedy TALIA in Tarnów,
  • 32nd International Theatrical Festival VALISE in Łomża
  • 17th Jewish Culture Festival Singer’s Warsaw,
  • 6th National Theatrical Festival “Train to the City – Station: City”
  • 4th Direction East Festival in Białystok